Effective EHS Management Software

EHS Insights to Improve Your Workplace Safety Program

Easy to Use Injury Reporting and Incident Reporting
Complete Data Collection and Risk Management Reports
Improved Employee Engagement and Reach
Powerful On-board Analytics

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  • Workplace Safety Management software paired with an easy mobile app allows you to complete incident reports, injury reports, near-misses reports and safety observations from any mobile device.

  • Confirm worker certifications and credentials are up to date.  Access records from any mobile device.  Reduce Workplace Safety and Operational Risks by ensuring workforce competency.

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Sierra Chemicals Testimonial


“After using using Sospes for almost a year now, I can say without hesitation that the software has been an excellent enhancement to our Safety Department and is helping us improve overall company safety.”

– Scott B.

“From the introduction, demonstration, cost proposal, implementation, and company execution…overall, SOSPES has been the best software support vendor we have ever dealt with.”

– Daryl H.

  • Immediate Access For Situation Management

    Real-time alerts and notifications allow supervisors to respond faster and more effectively

  • Automated Regulatory Compliance

    Complete your OSHA 300, 301, 300A and Workers’ Compensation first report from the Supervisor’s Portal

  • Task Assignment and Follow Up

    Assign witness reports, investigations and tasks.  Hold personnel accountable & ensure resolutions are completed

  • Improved Engagement

    Easy-to-use safety software allows all employees to participate in creating and maintaining a safe, productive culture

  • Continuous Improvement

    Data analytics collects information to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses.  This allows you to focus resources for optimal results

  • Big Picture Focus

    Monitor your overall safety program and operating behavior trends for a safer, more productive workplace

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