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By: Stacey Godbold

4 Reasons Multi-language Safety Software Benefits Your Organization

We live in a world of diversity, whether it is food, lifestyle, culture, or language. As we exist together improving, learning, and growing – there is one consistent key: communication. Communication is hard enough when both parties speak the same language. It’s enormously difficult when they don’t.
Integrating a multi-language safety software product can be a huge contributor to your organization’s culture and growth. In such circumstances, it is not a question of whether you should launch a multi-language safety software but rather when. Below are four reasons why integrating a multi-language safety software system is valuable.

What are the benefits of a multi-language safety software?

Prove to be team member centric:
Companies with multi-language safety software programs prove to be team member-centric, thus improving the overall culture and credibility with the safety team and the organization.

Build trust: It’s just a matter of human nature as we all like to feel acknowledged and appreciated. If you provide your team with resources in their native language, rest assured they will respect you more.

Increased reporting:
A better user experience leads to improved reporting. We can prove that increased reporting of close calls and observations leads to a more pro-active approach to reducing safety risk and improving productivity. Making your safety software available in your employee’s preferred language supports that goal.

Credibility: Apps are global by nature; however, it is becoming increasingly relevant for businesses of all sizes to be diverse. To maximize credibility and be attractive to non-English speaking employees, organizations must make their resources easily accessible to everyone regardless of language.

To sum up…
Your potential customers and new employees could be from anywhere in the world and without the ability to communicate with them, you lose their interest.Having a multilingual safety software can be implemented seamlessly. Take your organization to the next level by connecting easier with your teams – it’s worth it!

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