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Take a quick look back over the highlights of our Faces of Safety interviews Thank you to all of our safety professionals who took part in these videos!


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Continuing our Faces of Safety Series, Scott Brothers talks with Dennis Hu of Ball Aerospace, Jennie McCormick of AECOM and Whitney Romero of Hellman & Associates. We discuss what keeps EH&S professionals awake at night and the challenges they face in the field. Also, Dennis Hu provides advice to industry professionals on why it is important to stay up to date with technology.

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Dennis Hu, the EHS and SSE Director at Ball Aerospace, talks with Scott Brothers about his views on the adaptation of new technology in the EH&S field and how Ball is a pioneer in the space.


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Scott Brothers sits down with Bob Edson, the former EH&S Director of Bayer and Amgen, to discuss issues with incident reporting, record keeping and keeping up with EH&S technology.


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As part of our ongoing series, Sospes presents The Faces of Safety. This edition introduces two industry leaders that are incredibly accomplished and yet have very dissimilar backgrounds. Both have led successful EH&S programs for Fortune 500 companies. We explore their motivations and approach to safety, specifically engaging a workforce in a company’s safety culture. Enjoy.


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Sospes launches a new series focused on the faces of the safety industry. Episode #1 is an introduction to three young professionals working in EH&S. While we will be exploring issues in the industry throughout the series, this episode focuses on their education and issues they face with obtaining information in the field and how technology could help.