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By: Thomas Carson

Customer Spotlight – American Chemet Corporation

Marked Safety Improvements in Just 4 Months

American Chemet Corporation, founded in 1946, is a privately-owned manufacturer and distributor of metal-based chemicals and the world’s largest supplier of cuprous oxide. They are committed to delivering high-quality products while prioritizing customer service, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices.

Tom Bischoff, American Chemet’s Manager of Safety, Quality Assurance, and Global Regulatory was tasked with improving the company’s behavioral safety programs to ensure the safety of all employees and streamline workflow processes.

Before implementing Sospes, American Chemet faced several challenges in managing their safety programs:

  • Manual Reporting. Safety reporting relied on spreadsheet-based processes. They wanted to automate the tracking of their key performance metrics.
  • Workflow Complexity. Coordinating and tracking safety actions and hazards was time- consuming and disjointed. They wanted to improve speed to address and resolve issues.
  • Lack of Centralization. Safety data was spread across multiple platforms. They wanted to consolidate it to make it easier to analyze and take appropriate actions.

To achieve their desired results, Tom recognized that American Chemet needed a comprehensive solution. Sospes was chosen to help bring their safety program to the next level for several key reasons:

  • Time Savings. Sospes software automates reporting and streamlines workflows, saving time that was previously spent on manual data entry, tracking and report compilation.
  • Efficiency Improvements. Consolidating all safety data into one place, the software makes it easier for both the safety department and production groups to access and manage information in real time.
  • Automation. Because Sospes automates processes like task tracking and OSHA reporting, these previously time-consuming tasks were greatly simplified.
  • Configuration. American Chemet appreciated the personal relationship with the Sospes team who came alongside them to understand their needs and configure the solution to meet their specific requirements.
  • Responsiveness. Sospes’ customer success team was highly responsive and provided ongoing support throughout the implementation process.

Initially, American Chemet had concerns about the cost of implementing Sospes. After implementing and seeing the results, these fears were seen as unfounded when efficiency improvements, reduced injury rates, and streamlined workflows quickly became evident. Sospes helped address hazards more rapidly, reducing injury rates and associated costs. The software allowed American Chemet to consolidate safety data, providing a clearer picture of their safety performance.

The implementation of Sospes at American Chemet was a seamless process. Software implementation began in April, and by mid-May, they were fully operational with Sospes software on desktop and mobile devices. Sospes’ Customer Success team maintained a strong working relationship and ensured timely support, and the software’s user-friendly interface made it easy for non-technical users to understand and adopt it.

Sospes enabled the company to create, measure and track their KPIs effectively, which had previously been challenging. Sospes had a significant impact on one of American Chemet’s key performance metrics: within just four months of implementation, American Chemet observed a decrease in the time it took to address and close identified safety hazards.

Tom Bischoff’s advice to others considering an EHS solution like Sospes is straightforward: “Jump in! The benefits of improved efficiency and reduced injury rates quickly outweigh the initial costs. The software and the Sospes team proved their value in a short period.

In summary, Sospes helped American Chemet Corporation achieve its goal of enhancing safety programs, reducing injury rates, and streamlining workflow processes. The software’s simplicity, automation, and customization, coupled with responsive support, made it the ideal solution for their EHS needs.

If you are looking to streamline operations and reduce the time needed for safety reporting and compliance, give us a call. The Sospes team is at your service to simplify safety management.

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