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By: Thomas Carson

Customer Spotlight – H2O Innovation

Safety Made Easy
Since its founding more than 20 years ago, H2O Innovation has emerged as a global leader at the forefront of innovation in the water industry. The company provides solutions for drinking water, wastewater, desalination, and water reuse applications in numerous market segments around the world. Underlying H2O Innovations’ successful business performance is a company culture that puts the well being of its employees and partners first, making it one of the best companies to work for.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, H2O Innovation selected Sospes as a partner to streamline its safety procedures and training processes. Sospes software proved pivotal in enhancing the frontline user experience, improving safety performance and improving operational efficiency.

Challenges Faced by H2O Innovation
As the company’s operations rapidly grew organically and through acquisitions, H2O Innovation was seeking a platform for implementing a consistent safety program and training materials that would be truly accessible and easy to learn for new employees across their international workforce. With operations in various countries and regions, managing safety protocols and ensuring consistent training posed significant administrative and logistical hurdles.

The Sospes Solution
After evaluating a number of options, H2O Innovation selected Sospes. The key selling point for H2O Innovation was Sospes’ emphasis on ease of use for employees, particularly through its mobile app accessibility. This focus on frontline users resonated with H2O Innovation’s goal of providing seamless information flow and access for their field personnel.

“Our focus was on the individual user experience, making sure it’s as easy as possible to get information into the tool. Sospes has really provided a great end user experience,” explained Robb Scott, Director of Health, Safety & Environment for H2O Innovation.

Transformative Impact on Safety Training
The initial implementation of Sospes was completed in selected regions and proved transformative for H2O Innovation. Shortly afterwards the relationship expanded to include all regions. By standardizing safety procedures, employee communications, training materials, and certification records within the Sospes platform, H2O Innovation experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency. Because supervisors could easily track training completion and certifications, they had swift access to records during site visits and audits. This streamlined approach not only enhanced compliance, but also bolstered H2O Innovation’s ability to demonstrate adherence to safety standards to regulatory bodies and customers.

Driving a Culture of Safety and Continuous Improvement
One of the notable outcomes of H2O Innovation’s partnership with Sospes was the surge in safety observations reported by frontline employees. Sospes’ user-friendly interface made it simple for workers to actively engage in safety reporting, resulting in a substantial increase in reported observations.

“We went from two years ago having less than a hundred observations in a year to now seeing 4,000 to 5,000 in a year. We encourage people to report anything and everything that they can,” Robb said. “We encourage positive observations as well because that helps us demonstrate that we are doing stuff the right way. And potentially if something does come up and we were to have a regulator come in, we could at least provide examples with pictures to prove that we normally do this the right way.”

This influx of data enabled H2O Innovation to identify areas for improvement, implement corrective measures and foster a culture of continuous improvement across their global operations.

The seamless integration of multiple languages into the platform further facilitated ease of use for H2O Innovation’s diverse workforce, underscoring Sospes’ dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its clients.

“Our company has people in Canada, U. S., Chile, Spain, and France, so one of the big things for us was being able to manage multiple languages. What I really liked is how Sospes helped us with being able to host multiple language content. They made that more streamlined so that when the staff opens courses, they open in their language of choice. That’s been great for us because it makes our end user experience easier, and when it’s easier, they’re more likely to do it,” Robb explained.

Responsive Customer Support and Ongoing Enhancements
Throughout the implementation process and beyond, H2O Innovation commended Sospes for its responsive customer support and commitment to enhancing functionality based on user feedback.

As Robb shared, “We’re lucky at H2O Innovation that we started working with Sospes. Their platform has a variety of functionality built in already, and their team has been very receptive to adding functionality that we’ve requested. We had a third-party provider for training content. Their platform was slow and difficult to use. Sospes allows us to bring in content from other providers, so we can centralize everything on the Sospes platform, which is much easier to use. That was a big boon for us.”

H2O Innovation’s journey with Sospes exemplifies the power of leveraging innovative digital solutions to streamline safety procedures and training processes. By prioritizing frontline user experience and fostering a culture of safety and accountability, H2O Innovation has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of its employees and solidifying its leadership position in the water solutions industry. As H2O Innovation continues to evolve and grow, the partnership with Sospes remains instrumental in driving efficiency, compliance, and excellence across their global HSE operations.

Robb summarized, “If other companies are looking into safety software, my recommendation would be to look for the system that’s going to be the easiest to use because people have to use the system to get data into it. That’s one reason we chose Sospes. We wanted the easiest tool for people to use.”

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