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By: Thomas Carson

Customer Spotlight – Tolmar

Tolmar is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development, approval, and commercialization of innovative specialty pharmaceutical products. Their facilities in Northern Colorado house product development and manufacturing for their numerous FDA-approved pharmaceutical therapies and specialty products addressing urology, oncology, dermatology, pediatric endocrinology, and men’s health issues. Committed to the well-being of their teams of scientists, engineers, and industry experts, an emphasis on Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is crucial.

Chris Banfield, EHS Manager for Tolmar, had previously vetted safety management software used by other companies and found them unintuitive, challenging to use, and limited in their capability to produce the variety of reports that were needed, not to mention providing a low level of customer support. At Tolmar, Chris decided to investigate Sospes and was immediately impressed by the ease of use he saw in the initial software demo.

Tolmar selected Sospes as their partner to provide the upgraded workplace safety management software they needed. A key factor in the decision was that Sospes EHS software collects and reports information specifically needed by manufacturing facilities to make the workplace both safer and more productive.

Tolmar chose to have Sospes create custom reports and unique forms that included specific safety measures which they have found to be especially helpful in improving safety and reducing injuries. Because operational metrics are now visible on dashboards that are generated in real-time, they’ve been able to save both time and money, while improving organizational performance.

“Sospes has been a great partner to us,” Chris commented. “Working with Jon and the outstanding, tech savvy team made implementation easy. The reporting is excellent and having the ability to provide input about how the report is designed is an additional service that has been a big help. With other EHS software companies, this type of partnership was not there.”

Chris summarized how Sospes has impacted Tolmar’s safety program. “I have found in my career that encouraging and tracking safety observations from the field typically reduces the number of injuries you have. Tolmar has seen a major drop in injuries, with OSHA rates cut almost in half during the first year of use of Sospes software. Not all of that has been the reporting, but it’s been a huge part of it.”

Tolmar found the mobile app very intuitive and easy. Now they can identify and report any safety issue from any mobile device. “The software has to be intuitive, or people won’t use it, and has to be easy to use. Sospes has accomplished both,” explained Chris. “The ability to take a picture and generate a report with a mobile device is excellent and contributed to how quickly the software was adopted.”

The ease of use has meant both more reporting and an adoption rate by Tolmar’s teams that exceeded expectations. Tolmar also had an ingenious way to encourage adoption. They held contests and offered incentives to employees to login, explore the software, and generate reports. Once users saw how easy it was, “they jumped on it and it took off from there.”

“The level of support through implementation has been huge,” Chris added. “I highly recommend Sospes to colleagues who are evaluating their EHS software.”

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