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By: Thomas Carson

Thank you for six innovative years!

Happy Birthday Sospes!
We are thrilled to announce that Sospes turns six years old this month. Celebrating birthdays is a big deal, and an important way that we connect our past and our future to the present. It is a time to marvel over the founding, the day we set out with determination and a purpose; to reminisce on the experiences we had along the way – good and bad, as they are all part of who we are and from which we learn both pride and humility (and some are pretty funny); to offer gratitude for where we are today – especially given the trials of the past year; and to look into a future of possibilities as we plan the next steps on our journey.

While we have many stories, one of our favorites came from an implementation trip to one of our first customers right here in Colorado. This oilfield services company is in a rugged part of western Colorado, and following the morning training session, the safety professional announced that we would break for lunch at Shooters. We thought that we had misunderstood and were headed for the restaurant with the owl-eyes, but nope, we arrived at Shooters, an iconic fixture in Rifle, Colorado where all the (female) waitresses were packing 9mm heat. The food was passable, but I suspect tips are generous and nobody stiffs on a bill!

The last year was a time for creativity and flexibility. We are proud to have been able to deliver programs and ideas to help our customers navigate the demands of remote work and socially distanced on-site work. In addition to surviving the pandemic-driven lockdowns of 2020, which was challenging for all companies not named Zoom or Amazon, Sospes grew its customer base and expanded its award-winning product to include more employee engagement features, SDS management, learning management, and a new look for our enterprise dashboard analytics.

As vaccination rates pickup, pandemic fears recede and companies return to work, often with a heightened interest in streamlining processes, we are looking forward to continuing to be the “Go-To” partner for EHS software solutions. And celebrating our many birthdays to come!

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