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By: Stacey Godbold

How Do We Keep People Safe, Yet Not Ruin Their Fun At Work?

In the first segment of this episode, Stacey is joined by Trish Ennis, who has worked in the safety profession for over 30 years. Trish is the kind of person who is continuously using her knowledge and skills to advance occupational health and safety. In this chat, Trish talks about working for an aquarium and a zoo. 

Trish also gets real when she explores what it’s like being confronted with workers who think that she — the new safety director — is going to suck out all of the joy of their jobs. Listen to this chat to learn Trish’s answer to the question: How do we keep people safe in a way that doesn’t cause them to lose passion for their jobs? 

In the second segment of this episode, Stacey talks with Daniel Klinger, president of MTAC Industrial Solutions. By the way, the name of Daniel’s company, MTAC, stands for More Than A Carpenter Services, which is a pretty cool acronym. 

In this chat, Stachey and Daniel discuss pallet rack collapse prevention. Any time a pallet rack is damaged, there’s the risk it might cause a catastrophic collapse. Listen to this segment for Daniel’s insights into encouraging forklift drivers and other workers to be aware of the risks of breaking and falling pallets, and how to appropriate action to prevent people getting in harm’s way. 

Thanks to our guests for being on our podcast!

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