By: Jill Tyrell
Customer Service Specialist

OSHA 30 Changed My Lens on Safety

Being new to the EHS industry, when I first heard the suggestion of receiving “OSHA 30” training, I was a bit overwhelmed. Was I going to have to memorize every piece of heavy machinery known to man and each detail of a chemical listed on an SDS sheet? How was my training in OSHA really going to help me in understanding the EHS industry?  

First of all, let me say that technology is amazing. In the comfort of my own home, I was able to complete my OSHA training virtually, at my own pace and still gain all of the knowledge and training I needed to be officially OSHA 30 certified. The online training was easy to understand and, although I learned valuable facts and information, no memorizing of forklifts’ make-and-model required! Not only was it an easy process to become certified, more importantly, I learned why having the framework of OSHA understanding would greatly enhance my work in the EHS industry and why Sospes would require all of their employees to be OSHA 30 certified.   

Most compelling was to learn about some of the horrific historical events that lead to the 

Occupational Safety and Health Act (“OSHA”) and why OSHA was created in the first place. It is clear to see that America’s blue-collar workers need protection and a voice. OSHA has answered the call.  

Working alongside the mission of OSHA to enhance workplace safety is Sospes EHS software. Sospes assists companies in their pursuit of providing a safer environment for their employees, while at the same time maintaining compliance with OSHA standards.  These are not always easy goals for a company to accomplish, but Sospes streamlines the process by providing an easy and efficient way of reporting incidences and observations, tracking corrective and preventative actions and providing insightful analytics so a company can make powerful and targeted decisions for the future safety of their employees. Again, technology is amazing and what better way to combine the power of technology and the need for improved workplace safety than to use Sospes! 

Since receiving my OSHA 30 certification, I see the world through new eyes—EHS eyes. I stop and think before using an extension cord that is frayed or see a puddle of water that could potentially cause a slip, trip or fall. My ears perk up when I hear about a family member starting up a welding company and some of the potential safety hazards that may arise in such an industry. I now consider what PPE might be needed for a task, not only in a workplace but in my own home. I can see how invaluable it has been to go through OSHA training and to understanding my own place in the EHS industry. Needless to say, my thirteen-year-old is thrilled with the new safety glasses she now has to wear when edging the lawn! 


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