Worried about COVID-19 exposure in your workplace?

Sospes tracks proof of vaccination, easily collects test results and allows employees to self-report COVID-19 symptoms – all in one place. Proactively reduce the impact of COVID–19 on your organization and ensure compliance with changing regulatory and company requirements.

  • Self-reporting

    Employees can self-report from any device with our easy-to-use mobile application.

  • Automated notifications

    Automated workflows and notification reminders help employees and management stay current on vaccination statuses and test results.

  • Configurable

    Sospes software is flexible and can be easily configured to meet your specific organization’s needs and changes to regulations.

  • Real time data

    Make informed decisions and continuously monitor operational risk using our dashboards with real-time data. Sospes dashboards provide company summary reports with drill-down capabilities.

  • Secure

    Secure data repository that interfaces with your HR system.

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