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    Sospes software is a powerful tool. Like many powerful tools, it works best when guided by skilled operators. So we sell our software through resellers. This allows us to focus on building great software that is responsive to our customers’ and partners’ needs. And it allows you to focus on helping your customers grow safer and more productive, secure in the knowledge that you have a world-class technology company behind you.

Technology has never been more important and is rapidly changing the EH&S industry, and for the first time you are not alone – join a partner, not a vendor

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    The leadership of Sospes has a long history of building companies with lasting value for its employees, partners and customers alike.

    Sospes provides powerful software for managing safety through worker engagement, but solutions that work today will be effective tomorrow only if we as a vendor continue to expand our product by collaborating with our customers and partners. Through our own experiences and by listening to our customers, Sospes maintains a list of planned features and enhancements (our Product Roadmap) which will ensure that together we continue to meet the needs of our customers well into the future.

    Join us to deliver award-winning software solutions – together we can help you make your customers safer and more productive.

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The Virtual Safety Professional (VSP) program connects Sospes’ safety software with safety professionals like you. This allows customers to access award-winning software with a dedicated safety professional at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

By engaging your customers with mobile safety software, you will have access to real-time information that allows you to address the needs of your clients. This provides you with recurring revenue streams and the opportunity to provide additional services such as training, compliance management and specialty services.

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