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By: Stacey Godbold

Safety Can Be A Thankless Job

In a recent Sospes podcast episode, my guest was Michael Circle, an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist and a PR Specialist who works for Onward Energy, a power generator with a portfolio of solar, wind, and gas generation projects in the U.S.

In our chat, he mentioned that when he does his job right, nobody knows. He also mentioned an accurate generalization about our line of work-—that working in the safety profession can be a thankless job.

I found his comments fascinating. And I can totally see where he’s coming from.

In a way, a safety professional doesn’t get acknowledged or praised when:

  • A worker, thanks to a recently implemented ladder protection system , doesn’t fall off a ladder.
  • A worker, thanks to recently installed guard rails, doesn’t get a finger caught in moving machinery.
  • A worker, thanks to new ventilation standards, doesn’t experience an explosion-related injury.

If you’re a safety professional and you feel that you haven’t been rightfully acknowledged for your hard work, there’s no easy solution. One option might be to simply mention to your manager/boss that you wouldn’t mind being thanked every now and then for your commitment to your work. That’s a big ask, I know.

Even though deep down we know that our work is meaningful, and that our work protects people’s lives, it can feel good to receive—and to give—a “thank you” now and then.

Be sure to check out my entire conversation with Michael Circle:

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