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By: Stacey Godbold

Safety Storytellers: Making Safety Personal 

For years, Robert Cammarn complained to engineers and managers about a particular furnace that he and others worked with. 

Inside the furnace, Robert told me on a recent episode of my podcast, the flame was usually around 20 feet tall and five feet in width. 

The problem was, his company regularly increased the temperature limits and the fuel amounts that were allowable for this furnace. 

Unfortunately, Robert’s complaints after safety weren’t adequately addressed. Specifically, management never shut down the furnace to evaluate it, let alone do repairs. 

One day in 2017, the furnace exploded, killing  Tim Underwood, a colleague Robert had worked with for 15 years. 

To be honest, I don’t really know what else to write about this. These two men are vulnerable and honest. I believe their stories can help others heal.

I’m still stunned by the fact that, occasionally, fatal incidents like this still happen. I guess they’re a stark reminder that we, as safety professionals, have a lot more work to do.

Thank you Robert and Skipper for sharing your story.

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