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By: Stacey Godbold

Safety Storytellers: Michael Circle of Onward Energy

In this episode, Stacey is joined by Michael Circle of Onward Energy, a power generator with a portfolio of solar, wind, and gas generation projects in the U.S.

Michael, who is both an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist and a PR Specialist, and Stacey explore the following in this episode:

  • Michael initially decided to become a safety professional because he heard that safety was “lucrative.” But after he attended his first ever OSHA class, he fell in love with safety.
  • How even when we’re dealing with extremely serious topics — such as fall protection and electrical safety hazards — those of us in the safety profession can still find these topics exciting.
  • Looking at safety as being a combination of various other trades, including law, medicine, and enforcement.
  • Michael’s dad lost a finger in a work accident.
  • What excites Michael most about the safety profession today, which includes implementing the relatively ​​new 24 foot rule for fixed ladders and ladder protection systems.

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