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By: Thomas Carson

Should You Go Back to School to Become a Safety Professional?

This personal question is hard to answer. Indeed, anyone considering returning to school to become a safety professional would need to consider many factors in their life before answering it.

We recently had a conversation for our Sospes podcast about this very topic. My guest was Justin Maynard, who had been a firefighter and EMT for over 13 years.

Then, in his mid-30s, he realized a few things about his work situation, and admitted that it was time for not just a change, but also a challenge. So, Justin jumped wholeheartedly back into university. Well, he continued working full-time while also studying safety at Eastern Kentucky University. Talk about commitment!

Sure enough, after three years of study, he graduated, then found a great safety job with Onward Energy, a power generator with a portfolio of solar, wind, and gas generation projects in the U.S.

Be sure to check out this inspiring conversation with Justin Maynard

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