Sospes Joins Proof:Positive Consulting’s Line of Safety Programs

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Boulder, Colorado, November 1, 2016 – Sospes, LLC announced the addition of its innovative cloud-based safety software to the already strong line of safety programs provided by Proof:Positive Consulting. A key feature of the new product is the ability for any worker to quickly and easily report workplace incidents, close calls or even suggestions from the field.  These reports are immediately transmitted to supervisors and safety professionals at Proof:Positive where the events can be assessed for risk potential, root cause investigations launched and documented, and preventative actions evaluated and implemented. The system automatically generates key management reporting as well as required regulatory reports, such as those required for OSHA.

“We are pleased to join the strong, proven list of solutions supported by Proof:Positive Consulting,” said Sospes’ CEO Thomas Carson.  “Our two companies share the commitment to provide the best tools possible to ensure that all workers return home at the end of each day in the same good health they arrived.”

“By digitizing the reporting process, we as safety professionals can respond faster and more effectively to workplace safety situations,” explained Jennifer Bender, Manager of Operations for Proof:Positive Consulting. “By adding Sospes’ safety mobile and web software to our product line, our safety professionals obtain information to react to incidents faster and also use preventative analytics to avoid the next injury or fatality.”

About Sospes

Sospes provides Software-as-a-Service solutions that support worker safety through engagement. The product is easy to learn, simple to use and can be implemented in far less time than typical enterprise systems. The system is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud environment allowing the company to deliver a secure, robust user experience nearly anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit

About Proof:Positive Consulting

Proof:Positive provides comprehensive safety programs that cut operational costs and speed return to work for employees on workers compensation and temporary disability.  The company’s objective is to make worksites safe, more efficient, and more profitable. For more information, please visit


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