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By: Thomas Carson

Sospes Now Offered in Klingon (and 89 Earth Languages)

Colorado, May 27, 2021. EHS software vendor Sospes announced the launch of a new multi-language function that allows users across the galaxy to share safety events with each other. The 90 languages that Sospes now supports includes Klingon for those galactic enterprises seeking support for their safety programs in truly remote areas. More galactic languages will be added as they become available.

“Employee engagement starts with employee communication,” said Tom Carson, Sospes CEO. “We are excited to introduce functionality that enables cross-culture sharing of safety information to organizations across the universe.”

“I am personally proud to play a key role in giving a voice to the safety of under-represented Klingon workers,” added Colin Driessner, Director of Technology. “We are reaching out to Space X as the most likely organization to make first contact with these groups for support in distribution.” As of this release, Sospes has not yet heard back from Elon Musk.

About Sospes
Sospes’ award-winning EH&S management software makes organizations better by engaging employees with easy incident reporting, accountable actions management and powerful data analytics, all with a single integrated mobile application. The product is easy to learn, simple to use and can be implemented in far less time than typical enterprise systems. The application is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, which allows the company to deliver a secure, robust user experience nearly anywhere on planet Earth – and eventually, beyond. For more information, please visit

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