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Sospes and Trivela Safety Announce Reseller Partnership

Boulder, Colorado, May 25, 2018 – Trivela Safety have entered into a reseller partnership that adds Sospes’ mobile software as an addition to its safety consulting services.  Colorado-based Trivela Safety specializes in helping companies make their safety goals a reality by developing and enhancing safety systems, education and training, leadership and organizational values.

“Trivela has a powerful grasp on the importance of integrating safety culture with operations to drive sustainable safety excellence,” said Sospes’ President Tom Carson.  “Our software is all about connecting employees with their companies to improve operations, and Trivela is all about ensuring that the cultural environment supports processes that ensure worker safety are in place and working.  We are proud to be a part of their solutions.”

“Positive safety outcomes are reliant on sound data analysis. Sound data analysis is reliant upon solid data collection. Sospes provides the ability to gather solid, useful data like no other safety software package I have seen,” explained Paul Roberts, president of Trivela Safety. “The ability to accurately capture information in real time in an easy-to-use and practical format gives Sospes users a clear advantage over other data collection means. This advantage, if utilized correctly, will help organizations integrate safety into the core systems that drive operational performance. The result will be measurable reductions in incidents and the costs associated with safety failures.”

About Sospes

Sospes is a privately-funded Colorado company providing mobile, employee-driven process and safety software that integrates into all layers of a company with powerful analytics resulting in safer and more productive workplaces. The software is easy-to-implement, simple-to-use and is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud environment allowing the company to deliver a secure, robust user experience nearly anywhere in the world.

About Trivela

Based in Colorado’s Front Range, we work with clients all over the country. We specialize in assisting companies to meet their safety and compliance goals by focusing on safety within the organizational context. Trivela Safety places a high emphasis on safety systems, education and training, leadership, organizational values, and sustainable work forces. Our goal is to work cooperatively with our clients to find real workable solutions to your safety and compliance challenges by using a partnership approach.

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