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By: Stacey Godbold

Safety Storytellers: Accidents leave permanent scars on the body and memories

I am passionate about storytelling. And I love when people get vulnerable and share their safety stories. When they make it personal, they really share why safety is important in their lives because of events that happened in their past.

I am joined by guests Mike Guidry and Jeremy Darrington as they share their personal safety experiences, why safety is important and how these stories have ignited and fueled their own passion for safety.

Mike Guidry is a safety specialist and a process management safety leader. He shares early experiences from when he first got started in process safety and how he got to see firsthand how an industrial accident really affects the families of those involved.

Jeremy Darrington is Senior Manager of EHS systems and compliance at Shermco Industries. He shares with me three very personal safety stories and how each story fueled his passion for safety.

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