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By: Stacey Godbold


We can draw a few parallels from Tom Cruise to EHS Safety. He is given us a lot to look at in his 39 years of movie making. Some are cult classics and others we can file under “incident” report.
So, let’s jump into our F-18 and take a look at some of Tom’s most famous roles in search of takeaways we can apply when it comes to fostering safety and compliance in the workplace.


Maverick becomes the hero in Top Gun when he vocally refuses to leave Iceman without a wingman and manages to shoot down three MiGs. Sospes is the Maverick to your Iceman.
Imagine the roaring praise you will receive as you offboard your safety jet after you have saved your company time, resources, and money. This comes with leading company-wide risk management programs. Stepping up to that level of responsibility requires a software system working in conjunction with your knowledge and experience. Mastering the use of data not only will make you more efficient in your job, it will give you enormous credibility with your management team. And that, my friends, is a path to a gold star on your proverbial safety flight suit.

EHS Software Is Not Risky Business

At 58 years old with an acting career spanning nearly four decades, Cruise remains one of the most prolific actors for performing his own stunts and most recognized as secret agent Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. In this epic M:I scene, Cruise performed the challenging sequence himself where Ethan dangled from the ceiling and any sound higher than a few decibels or even a bead of sweat touching the floor would trigger the alarm system.
Taking risks may have worked for Tom, but are you willing to take a risk with your EHS safety software. Sospes is the safe choice. With real-time incident monitoring and accountability not only will you save time and money, you’ll also ensure compliance and improve safety culture across all your job sites.

Help me Help you

Jerry Maguire only wants the best for his clients. He exits the stuffy corporate firm SMI with a big “Who’s coming with me” to focus on building deeper relationships with his clients. He tirelessly works to position Tidwell to receive the best contract and outcome in his NFL career.
Sospes is your Jerry Maguire. We want to make your life easier. With our EHS software, you can reduce the administrative workload of tracking employee certifications and credentials by staying up to date with automated alerts and notifications and accessing records in real-time from any mobile device.
We are your partner. Our expert customer success managers are there every step of the way from presale planning, through implementation and training, and ongoing support after go-live so you can achieve your EHS goals faster. We want to celebrate every EHS touchtown with you along the way.

You CAN handle the truth

Military lawyer Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, played by Cruise, defends Marines accused of murder in the classic ‘A Few Good Men’. Kaffee is determined to find the truth about William Santiago despite the risk of being court-martialed for smearing a high-ranking officer.
How will you know the truth behind your safety system processes if you aren’t using a software that can provide the robust data to make informed decisions. Sospes is here to help you see the evidence so you can make a case for change if needed.

Contact us today so we can be the EHS software Maverick to your Iceman.