Transform Your Job and Your Company With Data

Embracing data leverages your skills and experience for personal and professional success.

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By: Thomas Carson

Advances in the technology of data-driven decision-making are everywhere, but where is the practical guide to implementing them in your business? And really – does this matter now when you are dealing with uncertain markets and employee work issues? Yes, it matters. Yes, the time is now. The tools for collecting, analyzing and acting on data have become faster, cheaper and more intuitive, to the point that they are accessible to us all. More than ever, companies understand that safety risk is organizational risk, organizational risks are more costly than they have ever been, and safety leaders need to use every tool available to leverage their skills and experience. This session will provide specific examples of how data management changed companies, specific steps that you can take to get started and why there is urgency in doing so – safety systems are not just about safety any more.

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