The Truth Behind Digital Transformation of Safety Management

Fight Safety Complacency and Management Inefficiency

Safety managers are hesitant to make the move from paper-based to digital management solutions because they’re concerned with the cost, risk, migration workload, and organizational acceptance of a safety management software solution.

All valid concerns honestly.

While they may have many questions about the digital transformation of safety management, let’s start by addressing the most common concerns cited above:

Cost:  Most often we can provide a comprehensive safety management platform for a few dollars a month per employee.  For the price of a sandwich from the cafeteria vending machine, an organization can realize the benefits of a digital safety management system.

A digital system will likely provide overall cost savings.  The savings become obvious once you consider the total cost of a paper-based or manual  system.  Paper-based safety managers usually don’t consider such things as:

  • Data Re-entry Costs
  • Re-entry Error Costs
  • Data Organization Efforts
  • Report Creation Workload
  • Updating Requirements

By avoiding these costs, a digital safety management system provides even more direct value.

Migration Workload:  Sospes has worked with both customers migrating to their first digital management platform and customers migrating from another safety software system.  No matter the situation, we are well prepared to help with data transfer and process integration.  The Sospes customer service team will provide the tools, expertise and collaborative team-effort to get you through the migration process in weeks.  Our process is a lot different from the other systems that require months upon months for implementation.

Risk:  The justification, purchasing process or implementation shouldn’t keep you up at night.  Sospes doesn’t want to be “THAT” vendor.  The acquisition of a new safety management system should make you sleep better.  That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t like the program after the first 12 months of use, we’ll pay 110% of the implementation cost to transfer you to another system.  Yup, we’ll pay to move you to a competitor…that’s how confident we are in the Sospes product.

Organizational Acceptance:  Sospes designs solutions with one goal in mind:  Easy of Use.  Why focus on that one goal above all others?  Well, if the product isn’t easy to use and intuitive for the beginner, then the product will not provide the maximum value.  We’ve seen organizational participation increase over 500% as employees find real value in the Sospes Safety Management Solution.

What could this mean for you and your organization?  Contact us below for a free, no obligation consultation to find out.  Also, feel free to download our whitepaper (see below) on the benefits of changing from paper-based management to a digital safety solution.

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