Configuring Alerts & Notifications

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  • Sospes is delivered with a pre-configured set of Alerts & Notifications rules that send emails to employees with different roles whenever a report is created or task is generated. You may decide that you would like to customize the way that Sospes alerts are sent out to people within or even outside of your organization. This can be done by any person with the Admin role by opening the admin menu and selecting Alerts & Notifications.
  • From this menu you will see the list of the different types of alerts that Sospes generates depending on certain conditions and triggers. To see what triggers each of these alerts, simply click one from the list and read the description below the title.
  • To completely deactivate a specific alert, select it from the list and uncheck the Enable this Alert box, then click Save. Once deactivated, Sospes will no longer send this alert.

An important exception to this rule is that Sospes will always send Task Created, Task Assigned, Task Reminder, Task Overdue, Task Completed and Inspection Fail alerts to the person they are assigned to regardless of these settings.

If an alert is enabled, it can be configured by role by using the drop-down menus for each role. The options are as follows:

  • Never – This alert will never be sent to people with this role.
  • Same Facility – This alert will only be sent to people with this role who are assigned to the same facility from which the report was generated.
  • Same Establishment – This alert will only be sent to people with this role who are assigned to a facility that is registered under the same Establishment as their own.
  • All Company – This alert will be sent to every person with this role in the Company no matter what Facility or Establishment they are assigned to.
  • Direct Supervisor –When this option is selected, this alert will be sent to the supervisor of the employee who submitted the report.
  • Self Confirmation – When this option is selected, the person who submitted this report will always receive a confirmation email.
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Custom alerts give you the ability to send alerts to people who may not be Users in the Sospes system or to create unique alerts that are not role-based.

  • To create a custom alert, simply select the type of alert you wish to send from the list on the left.
  • Fill in the description field with a brief explanation of who is getting the alert and why. This will help others understand the purpose of the custom alert.
  • Enter the email of the person you wish to send the alert to.
  • Next, use the buttons and drop menus to define when this person should receive alerts: when this event is generated from a specific Facility, from a specific Establishment or from anywhere in the Company.
  • Click Add
  • You may create as many custom alerts as you like by repeating this process
  • Example of a complete custom chain: Say you want to send Bill your insurance broker all the hospitalization alerts from all the facilities covered under the Colorado establishment, you would fill out the following:
    • Description: Our Insurance Broker
    • Email Address:
    • (Select Establishment): Colorado
    • Click Add
    • Click Save
    • When you have finished configuring the distribution for an alert type, you must click the Save button for your changes to take effect.
    • The Restore to Defaults button will reset the distribution for an alert type to the Sospes factory default settings. After clicking Restore to Defaults, click   Save for the changes to take effect.